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Banner Printing San Diego

Get high-quality custom banners for your business or event. Our banner printing services offer a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes to suit your needs.

Banner Printing in San Diego


First impressions are everything. Whether it’s a storefront or special event, a captivating banner is a great way to draw attention and be the first representation of your message or product. That’s why they should be made with utmost quality and eye-catching appeal. At Specialist Media Group, we offer a variety of visual banner options for your needs, each one customizable, unique, and easily installed by you or our team of expert graphic installers.

If you want to get started, contact Specialist Media Group today by calling

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Banner Uses


Banners can be used in both indoor and outdoor venues, and come in a range of different sizes. From special occasions such as weddings, family reunions, graduations, or birthdays for that essential decorative touch, to promotional events such as grand openings, conventions, sales meetings, or trade shows where that professional presence is crucial, a banner is the perfect base to elevate any occasion.


Printing Equipment & Quality


Specialist Media Group partners with L+L Printers to specialize in the highest quality banner printing production using the latest cutting-edge technology. This partnership and our experience is advantageous to every project, as we offer a one stop shop from start to finish with speed and flexibility.


We use ECO-friendly, water based odorless inks and up to 1200 dpi for gorgeous visuals and striking colors that stand out. Our practice of using White Ink printing is essential to the promise of high-standard products. We print white ink as an overprint, underprint, spot color, under spot color, and as a fill color or over spot color. Years of printing has proven this method to provide the highest quality images- we have seen a stark difference between printing white ink versus printing with the absence of color.


Don't settle for basic colors- we have the ability to print up to eight colors as well as white to combine for a wide range of possibilities beyond the originals. This translates into accurate real life photographs, gradients, and skin tones. Precise coloring is our speciality and is one of the most important parts of your unique overall banner design.


Why Are Colors Important for Banners?


The first eye-catching element of your vinyl banner is color. Color schemes tell a story and set the tone of your occasion. We have a wide array of color choices available, but in order to keep things simple, here are a few things to consider while choosing your banner's colors:


  • Choose to compliment- colors should blend well together. While the variety of colors may seem appealing, your primary and secondary colors should complement each other. This brings a sense of cohesiveness and visual appeal.

  • Make an impression- your primary colors should be used for the main text or message and should stand out from your secondary colors.

  • Don't blend in- while your primary and secondary colors should be complimentary, you should still make sure your secondary, or background colors, are different. This way, your main message still stands out and is easy to read.

  • Contrast is key - with primary and secondary colors, choose to set either light-colored lettering with a dark background or vice versa for a stand out effect.



Best Font for Vinyl Banners


Font is another prominent element in banner design. Banners are meant to communicate not only your message, but your brand- whether it's professionally or personally. In order to do this effectively, choosing a font is an integral part of the process. Here are some notable things to consider when choosing the proper font for your banner:


  • Fonts should be legible above all else. While novelty fonts can be fun, try to stick to ones that can be read easily to properly convey your message.

  • Using too many fonts can compromise the cohesiveness of your design. Using a complementary few keeps your banner professional and clean.

  • Testing fonts properly is important to see if they work for the finished product. We will be there every step of the way to test different options and make sure your vision is on track.

Fonts that are thicker and easier to read are usually the best choice.



Banner Material


Choosing the perfect material that accounts for your intended use is another important step in the process. We offer 13 oz. & 18 oz. outdoor matte banner vinyl, which is sturdy and scratch and fade resistant PVC material. Both of these sizes are reflective of the weight of the material per yard. Our team at Specialist Media Group is equipped to guide you through the process of picking which one works best for you, because it is important to consider the weight of the material and where you are planning to use your banner. No matter what you settle on, rest assured that vinyl banners are durable and versatile. They can withstand a multitude of environments and are made reliable to last for many uses.


Finishing Options


You have control of the design- whether you would prefer Top & Bottom pole pockets, hemming, or even no finishing at all. At Specialist Media Group, all banners include the cost of finishing. Though every option has their unique advantages, hemming is ideal for a long-lasting banner. Because of the extra reinforcement, this touch makes your banner stronger and better suited for outdoor use. Hemming is an affordable option for durability and permanence.


Quality is always first for us- so we opt to not to weld or hem tape our banners. The classic look of a custom sewn banner is unmatched in visual appeal and allows the banner hem to lay flat without curled edges. All of our banners are seen using either a lock stitch or chain stitch based on the type of finishing required for your unique banner.


Grommet Options


It's truly all in the details. To finish your banner, we add metal grommets, either brass, silver, or black, to every 36" on all sides and on the corner. Grommets are a design aspect, but are also crucial for reinforcement, so it is important to consider the possibility of adding additional ones for different uses. If you plan to use your banner in outdoor environments where weather conditions are unpredictable or particularly windy, or if your banner is generally larger or heavier, more grommets may be necessary for extra strength. Specialist Media Group has a variety of grommets to choose from and we are ready to help equip you to be prepared for keeping your banner in good shape.

What Are the Different Types of Banners?


Quality Banner Printing

At Specialist Media Group, we are committed to providing quality products through detailed collaborative work that brings your vision to life. Beyond this, we aim to offer dedicated service, supportive customer service, competitive pricing, and high speed printing for unbeatable turnaround. Our team is ready to get started on your banner- give us a call today at (760) 477- 0321 to get started.

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