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What Are the Different Types of Banners?

If you’re planning an event or own a business, banners are a prime feature to consider. Classically combining visual appeal with impactful messaging, they are a low-effort yet highly effective way to draw attention from people passing by or attending guests. Banners are completely customizable and long-lasting- an ideal to elevate your branding for any occasion.

With the right materials and production, banners can withstand both indoor and outdoor environments. Just think about how many times a banner made you stop by a restaurant opening or learn about a last minute sale that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. The proper design, color, and font, make them undoubtedly the most eye-catching advertising tool outside of the digital space. Using the correct steps and design is key, and Specialist Media Group Is ready with years of trusted experience to guide you through the process of creating and printing your perfect banner.

We created a list of some of the most popular ways to utilize banners, but remember the possibilities truly are endless. Browse through to see what we can help you create.

Promotional Banners

There’s nothing like a sale to bring people in the door, and a banner in a high traffic area is the best way to make people aware of your promotion. These banners typically have very direct messages, bold fonts, and are highly effective in attracting both old and new customers. If your sale is monthly or seasonally, you can always reuse your banner as it stands the test of time in durability.

Retail Store Banners

While promotional banners are for limited or seasonal sales, retail store banners are great for general branding or awareness of your store. Due to their customization, they are more eye-catching than the typical brick and mortar storefront, effectively grabbing attention from a larger audience, regardless of their location.

Birthday Banners

Add a special touch to a loved one’s birthday celebration with a banner that is customized just for them. This is where your creativity can really shine, whether you design one to fit the theme of the party or just as a surprise to make their day. Party banners are not only a great photo background, but overall a perfect way to commemorate the person and everything that makes them who they are on their special day.

Announcement Banners

When you’re ready to get the word out, banners are a tried and true way to spend the news. They are useful for announcing a change in operating hours, a grand opening, new retail location, employment opportunities, or even a leasing opportunity.

Wedding Banners

It may not be something borrowed or even blue, but a banner is the perfect detail to add to your wedding celebration. Whether you use it to welcome your guests to the ceremony, for the rehearsal dinner, or even on your bachelorette trip, it will be a sentimental piece you can keep forever. Customize it with your wedding colors and use it in your photo booth during your reception for memories that will last a lifetime.

Convention Banners

Conventions can be overwhelming, with high traffic and a bombardment of competing sales messaging. Being prepared with a banner can make your convention experience worthwhile, since visuals are virtually the only way to set yourself apart from the crowd during these events. If you frequent conventions or are looking to branch out to a new audience, it would be advantageous to invest in a banner that you can use over and over again.

Sports Banners

From little league to the big leagues, banners are a classic sports tradition. They can be used to rally excitement about a big game, celebrate a key player, or commemorate graduating team members. Keep your team’s branding consistent by customizing it with your colors, logos, mascots, or team photo.

SMG Banners

Specialist Media Group Carlsbad California is equipped to help you with any banner you need. We have access to cutting edge banner printing technology and years of experience in the best practices for quality images and design. Call us today at (760) 477- 0321 to talk to a team member about how we can help you to get started on your next project.

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