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Direct Mail Experts

Three determined individuals started SMG as a computer data-processing enterprise for the direct mail industry in 1993. Frank Scorzelli, Andrew Campbell, and Jay Pardo began their business in an office space the size of a closet, equipped with a handful of computers. During their first year, they serviced many direct mail houses in San Diego and surrounding areas. It wasn't long before they realized, “We can do it better”.

Frank, Andy, and Jay are still known to burn the midnight oil, making sure SMG customers get excellent service and quality. On-time. On budget. They still believe they can do it better and have thousands of satisfied customers nationwide to prove it.

M02 Quality Policy

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Customer Satisfaction

Because of our unique partnership with L+L Printers,  we are able to keep your project in-house at SMG from concept to completion, thus eliminating the confusion of having it pass through multiple companies. This will minimize communication errors and will free up your time to devote to what you do best.

SMG walks you through every step of your project to make sure you are completely satisfied. Each client has their own project manager that prides themselves in keeping our customers informed, connected, and satisfied.

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