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What is large format printing?

In the world of marketing, the notion that “bigger is better” is often true, especially for high impact visual communication. This is where the exciting solution of large format printing steps into the spotlight. As the name implies, large format printing is all about crafting colossal-sized posters, signs, banners, panels, billboards and beyond. Whether you have attended conferences, trade shows, or simply strolled down shop-lined stress, you have likely encountered large format printing used as attention-grabbing advertising. At the core, large format printing creates stunning visuals that a typical printer can’t handle while maintaining the integrity of the print. As a business owner, this can be a wonderful option for powerful visual communication to enhance your brand’s visibility.

How Does Large Format Printing Work?

The beauty of large format printing is that despite how large the end result may be, you won’t lose out on quality. The vibrancy of color and detail will remain intact so your message can boldly resonate with its intended audience.

The first step requires you to have a digital file of the masterpiece you wish to transform into an oversized print. Then, you will be tasked with selecting the medium on which you want the item printed on where there are a variety of options to choose from:

  • Vinyl: A good choice for outdoor signs, including vehicle wraps, since it’s weather-resistant.

  • Paper: This is similar to regularly sized posters and promotional materials, just super-sized!

  • Canvas: A method of material often used for art and galleries.

  • Fabric: An excellent option for an item such as a flag or fashion!

  • Wallpaper: Interior designers who may want to customize walls could consider large format printing for unique designs.

  • & More!: The sky's the limit, and you can certainly be creative on the materials used for large format printing.

The best choice will ultimately depend on the specific needs and what you are trying to achieve through your visual. Fortunately, large format printing offers versatile solutions to help achieve unique goals and effectively convey your message to the target audience.

When to Use Large Format Printing

The list goes on and on for why an organization, artist, or business may want to create a large format print.

  • Vehicle Wraps: A popular choice for mobile businesses such as food trucks or simply just a way to advertise a business on the road! Vehicle wraps are like moving billboards.

  • Traditional Billboards: These are certainly hard to avoid especially when placed on a busy road and can be a wonderful way to capture the attention of drivers.

  • Store Displays: Having a big sale? Want to showcase a new line or item? What better way to do so than an oversized display in the front window or just as prospective customers walk inside.

  • Pop Up Signs & Banners: When you require a large yet portable sign that can be effortlessly moved from location to location, pop-up banners are an ideal solution. This is a flexible way to transport your message anywhere you need!

Do you have an idea for a grand, oversized visual communication? Specialist Media Group in Carlsbad, California has years of experience with all types of printing needs. Our commitment is to always provide high quality printing and design to our customers unique needs. Call us today at (760) 477- 0321 and we will be happy to assist in your next project!

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